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Stanton, Arizona
In 1863, the collapse of the California gold rush spurred hopes for new bonanzas in little
known territory to the east. Pauline Weaver, whose trapping forays inland had uncovered signs of gold, led a party to fabulous paydirt on what is now 'Rich Hill'. Trackers for the group followed a runaway burro to the mountain top where they found nuggets of gold flashing in the sun.
Violent deaths took a mounting toll as tons of precious metal lured fugitives and outlaws
from around the world to this area. Among them was Charles P. Stanton. A fugitive himself from the British Police. With men contending for control, competition ran riot on the stage coach battle line. It was every man for himself, a way of life which gave Stanton a head start over rivals. He could depend on a hair-trigger mind in taking over Rich Hill's "potato patch" of spud sized nuggets. Stanton appointed himself postmaster on March 5, 1875, by registering names of the names of voters long dead. Stanton, who by then had a band of outlaws working for him, plundered and killed all who stood in his way.  According to history, November 13, 1886 some late night customers stopped by his general store. They inquired on directions and asked about where they could camp for the night. Stanton concluded that they were new to the  territory and invited them into his store. When Stanton turned behind his counter, the doorway's lantern dimly lighted the faces of Chano, Pete and Sesto, the Lucero Brothers. In that fleeting moment, two rifles riddled Stanton with holes and he sank to the ground. His own blood flowed at last. There were conflicting stories of whether the Lucero brothers were officers of the law
or not. Even in death, Stanton remained defiant. Loyal followers buried him on a throne-
like rise of land from which his unyielding spirit still looks down upon his crumpled empire.

Plaque Currently on Stantons Hotel Tells the Story!
Stanton's Old General Store Stands Today!
The Old Stanton Hotel
The Old Dance Hall and Saloon
The Story of "Rich Hill'"
The Royal Outhouse!
Windmill Down on Antelope Creek
Dedication to our Founder of GPAA and LDMA Sit's in Front of the Old Stanton Hotel. The Old Townsite of Stanton is Now Owned and Home to all Prospecting Members of the 'Lost Dutchman's Mining Association'

Pictures taken around the old 'Stanton' area
Prospecting Buddies Kaye (aka 'Digger'), His Dad, Jim (aka 'Lucky'), and Kaye's Son Ahian
We Camped on a Free Range, Lots of Cattle. That's Bobby (aka 'Hot Nugget') Peeking Out of Tent
Old Stone Miners Cabin!
Remnants of Prospectors Cabins
The Desert in it's Glory
Bobby, Jim, Kaye, & Jim's Dad Otto
Cactus Abounds!
Another Old Miners Shack
Jim, Otto, & Bobby Taking a Breather
Ahian Making a Search For Gold
Me With a 30 Pound Quartz Nugget! 4-Sale!
Old Shack
What a Great Find By Ahian, Our Newest Prospecting Member, & Great Cook!!
A Old 1882 Morgan Silver Dollar!! Probably Lost By an Old Prospector!
Digger & Lucky!
We Came Across an Old Prospectors Cemetery
What Stories Could be Told From These Old Souls!!
Preserved to be Remembered!

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