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                                 Fred, on quad, asking Kay "where's the                                       Relaxing after a hard days work. Waiting for chow.
                                 bear watch?" That's what they call the

                                Big Rick, one of the great staff members,                                    Rick flipping the burgers as Jackson
                                catchingup on the news with the National                                  stands guard.

     Our fantastic cook, Donna, & hubby                                          The cook shack. Well stocked to meet the
     Richard.                                                                                            needs of 3 square meals a day for all.

     What's cooking?                                                                             Checking out a nugget.

     Readying the mini-sluice.                                                             Running the concentrates for gold.

     Here I am scooping the concentrates.                                      Big Jim and me working the mini.

     Panning the black sand looking for the                                    I think I see some beautiful little pickers
     sparklers!                                                                                          in the pan!

     Using the tweezers for the small pickers.                                How fortunate we were to have Smokey here.
                                                                                                                He is a geologist, and every evening gave us
                                                                                                                very informative information on how the gold
                                                                                                                was formed and where to find it.

     One of the prospectors found this old pick                              A nice pan of gold. The metal needle found
     lost probably during a flood and left                                        thought to be an old tattoo needle
     behind by a miner in the late 1800's.                                        (as good of a story as any).

     Perry proud of the find!                                                                 Jim and Kay holding back their excitement
                                                                                                                 of the find!

     Me & Bobby taking our turn at the find.                                    The gray fox, Jack, showing his agreement.

                                               A hard days work can reap great rewards!