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We Must Build up the Dam Over There to Divert the Rivers Flow to our Channel
We are Now Ready to Fire Up the 4" Dredge
The Divers Enter the Water to Start Working Down to the Clay Bed Where the Gold Lays
The Sluice Box is Clear and Ready to do its Job Collecting the Gold
Two Divers Always Work Together. We are Working Down to About 8 Feet
We All Take Shifts Diving. The Water is About 60 Degrees Cold
Extreme Caution Must Be Taken as the Bank is Constantly Caving in and Could Easily Cover the Diver
Kay and Jim Take Their Turn, Very Good Dredgers
Preparing to Submerge. Low Pressure Compressor on Dredge Supplies Needed Air to Divers
Slowly Working the Bank and Bottom
This is a Single Engine 5.5 hp Dredge
The Water Stays Clear Until the Bank Gives Way, Then the Water Fills With Smoke and You Can't See Your Hand in Front of Your Face
Jack Clearing Out Dredge When Jammed With Rocks
Big Boulders Gave Way From Above & Diverted the Flow of the River
This Rock Pile Was Hand Carried By the 49'ers Around the 1850's and Still Stands as a Silent Testimonial to Their Hard Labors

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