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"Little Girls Are Made of Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice"

"First guy to ever love me.
First to sweep me off my feet
or plant those scratchy whisker kisses
gently on my cheek.
First man to take me seriously.
First pal I ever had.
First guy I ever gave my heart to" Dad

Then Came Our Fantastic Daughter, Rebecca Jane, 2/18/75
Baby Rebecca Jane
Looking For Butterflies!!!
Our First Grader
Yahoo!!! Our Cowgirl
Becca With Cousins Shannon & Amie
Becca and Brother
Hey Dad, Want to Go For a Ride?
Hey! That's My Bottle!!!
Puerto Vallarto..Parasailing!
Becca Loves Animals!
Becca's First Snowman!
Janet & Becca...Snow Bunnies!
Hey Odie, Wake Up!!!
Dad! Look What Was on Your Back!!
Rebecca With Her Aunt Jane
Rebecca With Her Second Cousins

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