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"Little Boys Are Made of Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails"

First Came Our Unbelievable Son, David Andrew, 10/19/71
Jan & Baby David Andrew
David Andrew & Pal Brundy
Papa and Son
Dad, Mom and David Andrew
Grandpa, David Andrew and Dad
Three Generations!
Grandpa George & Little David
The 1970's!
Boy Could He Ever Play!!!
He Loved His Green Worm!
Hey! I'm Going to Sleep!
Then He Grew!
And He Gained New Heights!
He Became a Hospital Corpsman!
He Made His Mother Proud!
Then He Met His Best Friend, Brandy and They Were Married March 30, 1998 In Seattle, Washington
David & Brandy In Mexico
Then They Went Weird!!!

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