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       A long time ago there inhabited the earth, Kansas City, Missouri to be
       exact, a group of great teenagers!  They partied, worked hard, and became
       good friends. During the dark hours of the night they could be found
       cruising the streets in their hot rods. They would cruise places called
       Sidney's and NuWays. You might even have found some at a place called
       Rex's Pool Hall! They had a great time! Times then were filled with fun and
        no worries or troubles. They did go to school to learn the ways of the
       world!  The music they listened and dance to was Rock 'n Roll. We were
       to be forever young! Eventually the time came to go our own ways, yet in
       heart we would always remember those good times and friendships that
       would last a life time. Those were to be our memories! May good fortunes
       and memories be with each and every one of those who danced the night
       away so many years ago!!!!

         Walt & Dave...going                   The house I grew up in at 3123                Me at one of our Proms.
         to Boy Scout camp,'57.               Washington St.

        Gotta do the cars! My first car, 55 Olds, paid $225 for it.           Then the old '56 Chevy!

                                                  Finally, the '65 Chevy before I left for the Navy.


        The following were taken at 'Senior Day' at Westport High School.

         Mr. Bill Lee.                                                                           John Jaros, Ed Tucker, & Walt "Wow" Silin!

          Linda Pickering, Candy Hershey, Ray West, and           Sharon Bowen.
          Judy Judy Gudde!

                                Tommy Quintero.                           Me and Dick Hughes.


        And now some Lake Fun, Sun, and Picnicing!!!

          Our favorite swimming hole, Lake Kernudles!                         Penny Deane, Sharon Graham, & Nikki

          Iris Frank.                                             'King' Rolf Neuschaefer!                        Sherry Bowen.

          James Chouteau and Walt Silin.                       Wynn Johnson.                       Sharon Talbot and Nikki

             Ed Wutzke.                                                                                         The Plank!

             Crusing the lake!                                                                    Terry Larson in the lead!


             Alice Bowser & David Cox, high school                                                 Alice and her great smile!

              Cindy Sable.                                                                              Elaine Evans.

              Dick Hughes and girl friend Cheryl.                                              Terry Larson taking Susan for a test ride
                                                                                                                    before marrying her!

               Good friend Ed Wutzke.                        The best! Walt Silin!                 My 'prom' kiss!

               I don't remember when, where, or why?                                           Just fooling around!!

               Walt Silin and Ed Wutzke...Hey watch the hand!!!                                           Steve Cross, MaryAnn, & sons.

                Terry Larson and Susans Wedding.                                                          The cake feast!

                "She got him today, he gets her tonite!! We did                     Moss, Bohner, Wynn, Johnson, Sisson all put
                a great paint job on Terry's car!                                             our names on car to be with Terry in spirit!

               Me, Terry, Walt, & ?, took a job, that didn't last                              Swope Park picnic.
               too long, on a river boat in the Ozarks.