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Kansas City was a great place to grow up.               The homes in this area have been very well
I had to take some pictures of some of the                maintained.
great homes.

The architecture is magnificent. These homes        Remaining structure of city parks dept. Located
would be worth a small fortune if in California.        on 31st Street close to Main.

This was an area that Walt Silin and I used to          Penn Valley Park...a great play area when we
play soldiers!                                                                     were young!


   Norman Elementary School. Some of the '64       Norman and Westport friends.
   Class first became friends here. The school
   is still in use.

World War Monument.                                                   The well known 'Indian Scout' statue.

                                          To my good friend Dick (Ric) Hughes who was
                                          so gracious to drive me around the old haunts.
                                          We lost all contact after graduation and just
                                          found each other 2 weeks before the reunion.    

                                And to Steve Cross, the closest of friends, and a big Chiefs
                                fan, I thank you for always staying close.