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                                                  In '64 we were as a rosebud,
                      Tightly wrapped in safety as we stepped into the unknown
                            As the rose blossomed and opened with maturity,
                                                       Petals dropped
                                 But the essence of their fragrant memories
                                               Linger with each of us
          They are now in the light and we welcome the spirit of their friendship
                                                       joining with us
               As we celebrate our history...rekindle the meaning of friendship
                          ...and face the future with a youthful hopefulness.

                                             In celebration of the lives
                  and lasting memories of those who have passed from us...

                Gordon Bock     Pamela Deane Marshall     Jacqueline Green Griffin

         Charles Gentry     Joseph Guerra     Frank Hagel     Betty Jo Semon Carson

                   Nancy Heckert     Stephen Kulmus     Dale Lacy     Donald Nigro

           Richard Stanton     David Templeton     Raymond West     Edward Tucker

                 Ed Wutzke    Ed Patterson     Chuck Nolan     Terry Larson     Walter Silin


  The "Uptown". This used to be a major                        Site of our reunion.."Westport Class of 64".
  movie theater when I was young. I was even               Now used for gatherings like ours.
  an usher here when I was 11.

   Very ornate. It would be a shame if not                        Taken in theater itself. Was always excellent
   preserved.                                                                            mood lighting for the young lovers.

Stairway to heaven....the balcony!!                              Front Lobby.

   Judy, Da Tiger, and Dave.                                                           Sherry & Terry with hubbies. Done

   Deanna, Kathy, and Linda. Sweethearts!           Marla and Nikki in stare down!!!

   Haven...remembering the time when.                         Walt telling Sharon and Kenny about the
                                                                                                 time he peeped into Bill Mosses window!

    Me and Dick Hughes.                                                        Walt Silin, me, and John Jaros.                                                  

   Our basketball star turned golfer with his           The jive man himself, Mr. soul train, man in
   very patient wife, and Darlene with her                the groove...Dick Soule!!! He still shakes a
   smoken husband! Good 4some!                            mean bootie!!!

   The Sharon sandwich!! Dave & Walt.                  You betcha she's all mine...Mr. jock, and friend
                                                                                          to all, Vince and his lovely wife and partner.

   Mr. Mike Oliver, who is a world traveler and                 Kenny Ladner, a friend since first grade
   artist, doing the shuffle with his wife.                            and lost for many years, and now found,
                                                                                                    and wife.

    My e-mail buddies and very good                          Anna & Jennifer enjoying the moment!
    friends, Terry and Judy.

    The dancing duo!                                                        Get down!

     Mary Lulu singing "A girl can't help it"!!!                                 Haven & Sharon still have the swing
                                                                                                                 to do the hola hoop. Poor Mike on
                                                                                                                 the other hand makes a good ring

     Ralph enjoying Iris while Vince is practicing                 John serenading Tim and his wife. See
     his quick draws!!!                                                                   that sneaky George McGriff and Harold

     I'm gonna hit you!!! Sharon and our Sweet          Alice and the Soule man! Hitch'in a ride!!!
     Candy. They are as great as ever!!!

      I just can't believe how good everyone                    Ann asking Jenny for just one ride on one
      looks...                                                                               of Jenny's horses!

      Wayne, John, Roy, And Vic..caught at last!         Tim, Mike, Robert, Mary Etta, Harold, & Don.

                Our 'partial' Class of '64.......See you all for #40 in 2004!!! The Best to all!!!