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                                                              High above a hill so noble
                                                                  Challenging the eye
                                                      Stands the school above all others
                                                            Stands old Westport High

                                                      Westport High to thee we shall be
                                                                  Ever loyal and true
                                                          Striving always to do service
                                                                 For the gold and blue                                 

                                 Westport High School, Kansas City, Missouri.

  Standing and in use since 1907.                                  Gateway to knowledge.

  Entering after 36 years!                                                  Staircase to second floor.

  Our Auditorium.                                                                Alot of happenings here.

 Time to move on.                                                               Girls gym and Tiger Den dances.

 Iris and Penny. I love those guys!                                 Haven, Nancy, Lora, Toni, Darlene, & Judy.

Walt found one of John Jaros books!!!                      Walt, Dave, Dick, & Vince. Caught ditching!!

Walt & Dave....two peas in a pod!!! I love ya man!!            The "Big W".