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Big Bear Lake, California
Located in the San Bernardino Mountains at an elevation of 6750 feet. Big Bear is Southern California's favorite four-season recreation land. It's lovely lake and vast pine forest is a haven for visitors from all areas. We have mild summers and plenty of snow in the winters to offer every sport enthusiast their favorite activities. However, the original settlers did not seek the thrill of fighting trout or a downhill run on skis. They were here only to find 'Gold'!
In 1845 Benjamin Davis Wilson and 22 young caballeros first came upon Bear Valley
in pursuit of Indians who had been raiding the south land ranchos down the mountain.
They never found the Indians, instead they found the area "alive" with grizzly bears, hence
the name "Bear Valley".

James Marshall's monumental discovery of gold on January 24, 1848
in Northern
California, eventually led to the search in more distant areas for the yellow metal. This included our very own Bear Valley. There is still evidence of these miners, and their claims, throughout the area. Late at night, as the winds gently blow through the forests, you can still hear the sounds of the miners as they toil and each dream of the riches of finding the 'Mother Lode'. There was a lot of gold found, however claims are that the real 'Mother Lode' has yet to be discovered!

Big Bear Lake Photo Gallery

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