GATO Class Submarine
Displacement: 1,870 tons surfaced, 2,424 tons submerged.
Dimensions: Length 312 feet, breadth 27 feet, mean draft 17 feet.
Armament: One 4"-50 caliber deck gun (removed after W.W.II), ten 21" torpedo tubes.
Crew: Six officers, 54 enlisted men.
Keel laid December 4, 1942 by the Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.
Commissioned July 25, 1943.
Decommissioned and stricken September 13, 1969.
After being striped, she was sunk as a target approx. July, 1972.
I reported aboard the USS Bashaw March, 1969. I was a sonarman STS2SS. The boat
was in the process of being fitted for a 9 month west pac cruise. We left San Diego
July, 1969 and ran on the surface all the way to Pearl Harbor where we were to load
final stores and weapons. We were to only be in Pearl a couple of days.  About a week
later we got the word that President Nixon had started his big military cutback, and since
the Bashaw was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, diesel boats left in the fleet, we were
ordered back state side to Mare Island to be decommissioned. Our Captain, Don Walsh,
who I believe was a maverick, on the way back to Mare Island ran the boat through every
kind of drill, deep dive, emergency blow, battle stations, & etc. to give the old lady one
more fling! She did the jig in fine fashion!!!
I was part of the crew left with her during the decommissioning. It was a sad time for us left
behind for this task. We stripped her of all her useable parts. She was then put into moth
balls until she was laid to rest at the bottom of the Pacific.


Underway to Pearl Harbor In 1969

Give Us 'Peace'!

Picture Thru the Periscope
 But We Don't Have A Plank, Sir!!!
Me and Mitch Magness
Mitch & Me Clowning Around
Sign on Conning Tower Says 'For Sale'! After Told We Were to Head to Mare Island to Decommission Our Gray Lady
Mitch Got His Dolphins On His Chest & His A**!!!
The 6 of Us Got Our FBM Dolphins Awarded
USS Bashaw SSK/AGSS. Taken Sometime In the Early '50s.
It Was Between '52 and '53 That She Underwent Conversion
to an Antisubmarine Submarine and Reclassified SSK241
A Direct Hit By an American Torpedo During WWII

Please Visit the USS Bashaw Web Home Page For All the Memories and Tall Stories From the Men Who Proudly Served on Her During World War II, the Cold War & Up to Decommissioning!

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