The following pictures were taken in Guam & while on patrol in the Pacific
USS Proteous, Submarine Tender
Change of Command, Gold & Blue Crew
Drydock in Guam
Pink & Green Submarine
Topside Watch
Great Colors!!
The Seaman Gang
Getting Underway for Patrol
Manning the Diving Planes
Securing For Sea
The Local Barber Shop, Between the Tubes
Missile Control Center
Fire Control Center
Forward Torpedo Room
The Quartermasters at Work
Sonar Compartment
Crews Mess...That's Me Serving the Squids!
Our First Class Cook!
Friday Night Fights....I Was 'Sizzler' Sisson
In Action....Right Upper Cut!
And the Winner is......!!
Talent Show Night!!!
Casino Night With 'Two Thumbs' JJ
Pie Eating Contest
The 'Wall of Memories'
Studying for Qualifications
Mitch Getting His Dolphins
Manning Sonar
John Marshall & Me in Sonar
We Have Earned Our 'Dolphins'!!
Christmas 1968 on Patrol
Scuba Diving
Preparing for Anti-Sub OP's Mission
Pictures Taken While on AntiSubmarine Aircraft
Located This Sub and Forced
it to Surface
The Seaman Gang at The Gedunk in Guam
Janet and Me at Pearl Harbor...Home From Patrol!
Firing Polaris Missile From Submerged Submarine


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