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**Our New Grandson Tyler Jameson **
We were blessed as grandparents when our son and his lovely wife Brandy had our first grandchild,
Tyler Jameson born on Saturday March 13, 2002 at 8:05 A.M. at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle,

 Click Here To See Tyler


**Westport High School Class Reunion **
What a 5 day visit back to Kansas City, Missouri (6/15 to 6/19/00). This was definitely a trip down memory lane! I
visited old haunts; areas of play as a child, the site of the original Kansas City Monarchs and Athletics Baseball
 Field, the old Union Station, the Plaza, and a tour of Westport High School. The most exciting part was seeing many
 of my high school friends! We graduated in 1964, so this made it our 36th reunion!!!

    Click here for tour.                     


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